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California Pinot Noir



California Pinot Noir

Discover elegance in every sip with our California Pinot Noir. Crafted to perfection, it unveils a dry, medium-bodied profile with vibrant acidity and smooth tannins. Delight in its intricate layers of cherry, raspberry, earthy mushroom, hints of vanilla, and a touch of baking spice.

Pairing: Ideal with roasted chicken in a cherry glaze or a creamy wild mushroom risotto for a feast of flavors.

Make this Wine!

To make your own California Pinot Noir, reserve your batch now!Available in 28 bottle batches

Normally $325 on sale $195 to make 28 bottle. 14 bottle $175 on sale $105 . Use promo code: BUTLER. Yields approx. 28/14 750ml bottles. HST $3.90 not included. Bottles not included $1.35 ea or bring your own. Must be 19+.