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Wine routes: general tips


Times change, and more quickly in the tourism sector than others. In the case of wine tourism, it’s no longer an exclusive activity for wine lovers and is fast becoming popular among young couples, groups of friends, and families.

Attracted by the rural landscape and local wineries, at the moment it is very much in fashion to discover new regions through wine tourism. Now more than ever is a good time to follow a wine route through the province. And it also worth leaving the nine-to-five to let yourself experience charms you may have never encountered before.

Thinking of trying out this trend but don’t know how it works? No worries, the dreams travel blog is here to give you a few tips so you know the main points. Take note?

  1. Drinking and driving

It may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked. Wine contains alcohol and this doesn’t change in the countryside, so if you do travel there by car and drink too much it’s unadvisable to drive back.

It’s a much better idea to check out some local hotels and spend the night out on the route if it’s far from your home. This is also best to ensure?


  1. Relaxation and de-stressing

The main attraction of this kind of tourism is all the wineries – inside and out. While you may expect these establishments to be cold and dark, they are often actually very sophisticated and surprising.

When you’ve had enough of the winery interior you can take a walk through the fields, and enjoy the aroma of wine in the midst of the peace and tranquility that surrounds the area. Whether deliberately or not, the vineyards tend to be located far from the madding crowd so that your experience is all the more pleasant. You might feel far from civilization if you’ve come by plane or if you booked with a low-cost carrier to a secondary airport, but the wineries often organize bus services for sightseeing excursions.

  1. Buying Wine

If you visit a winery you’re likely to end up buying a few bottles. Maybe it’s the effect of the atmosphere, the desire to take a memento or souvenir, or because the flavor made an impression on you, but the chances are you’ll give into temptation.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but remember not to go for well-known labels you could get anywhere. Open yourself up to new flavors and think of a special dinner at home, a family gathering or a gift for a good friend.


  1. Transporting Bottles without Breakage

If you’re taking a flight you need to be particularly careful about packing the bottles. If you’re carrying a hard case, it’s best to put them in the corner wrapped in clothing. If you’re travelling with a soft case or backpack, it’s better to put them in the middle but always well protected. You can’t imagine how unpleasant it is to get home and find yourself with no wine, no bottles, but a load of stained clothes. Don’t forget that some airlines have weight restrictions for baggage, so don’t try and take back too much.

Are you ready for a journey where each path has a different taste and texture? Prepare your palate because you are sure to try some new flavors.

Get your camera ready because you will definitely live some new experiences. And above all, keep your eyes open because you will be surrounded by some beautiful landscape. Choose your wine route and enjoy?


By Alberto Martínez

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