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Wine Refractory Methods


If the food and wine agreements are an integral part of our culture, in France, it is dishes, or spices, making these alliances more difficult. These dishes or condiments pose an existential problem to the wines, thus, these dishes will often be complicated to marry. What are they ?

The garlic


Raw vegetables,

The egg yolk

White cheeses, yogurts

Fresh fruit acid (lemon, grapefruit, oranges),

Vinaigrette and Mustard

Thus all the spicy dishes, anesthetizing the palate and the papillae are also refractory to red wines, in particular. Some white wines manage to control certain spicy dishes, by their acid weft and / or their sweetness.

will only alternative, simply mineral water. But I would like to point out that it is possible to find wines that can get married, it would be daring to try the wedding … certainly dared. Each dish can find a counterpart.



l A is flat, which has always been the enemy of wine, or at least considered as such … asparagus.Oh good ?? Certainties have a hard life in wine. If the asparagus by its very root side often has difficulty to associate with a wine, one soon realizes that since this one offers a nice minerality, a touch stony, even vegetal, humus or grass, then The agreement may prove surprising. The white wine offers an underlying acidity often tonic, fresh, tense … and by the same a welcome persistence. An Alsatian Muscat on old vines, better still with old vines of sylvaner, or chasselas in Pouilly sur Loire for example will seduce you.

D égusté recently a surprising Sauvignon varietal expression, and vivacious, who would go remarkably well with asparagus. The world of wine, and all the palette of flavors proposed in the wines that surround us makes or make that one will always find a wine, able to ask in marriage one of These special dishes.




The e white wine is in my opinion even more versatile uniform, there are few non compatibles.Un dry white wine dishes, semi-dry or sweet, will always or almost always a allié.Toutefois, a naturally sweet wine, such Jurançon will have a hard time not masking the flavors of a grilled meat.

On the other hand, a great white wine very typical, concentrated, and charismatic, on rare occasions I agree to invite me to side red meats. Better is a great white wine of this type than a thin red wine, fluid, lean, without any character.

It goes without saying that opulent, rich red wines will better enhance this same meat.



  • Crustaceans, shellfish, fish,
  • The sardines in oil,
  • Noodles and macaroni,
  • White sauce, Madeira sauce, vinaigrette, and rust sauce.



L has magic of wine is such that, although at the time, at the exact moment when one does expect anything, suddenly appears a surprising agreement.


The e wine has always been a mystery, capable of delivering absolutely wonderful messages, which we other neophytes, amateurs, beginners or professionals have pleasure to capture. Or to … miss!

And this pleasure we will share in our turn, allowing to perpetuate even more the magic of a moment of exchanges around a bottle.Who in turn will offer us memories of this moment shared.The wine, A great vector of communication and especially of emotions … the dish transcending this moment.


By: Emmanuel Delmas

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