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The Wine-Lover’s Guide to the Perfect Beer

Beer and wine
Beer and wine

If you typically opt for a glass of merlot over a bottle of ale, you might be surprised by just how much you actually would enjoy a cold brew. The trick is knowing what to look for. The team from LetsGrabA.Beer partnered up with consultants, brew-masters, and renowned chefs, including Vito Racanelli, who has been a restaurant owner and wine connoisseur for 25 years, and George Reisch, a third-generation brew-master. Together, they put together beer suggestions based on wine preferences—and a few snacks and meals to pair with them.

If You Like Pinot Gris…

You love your wine to come with a crisp, dry flavor, so look for a beer that shares that crisp, refreshing taste. Pilsner lagers offer the same refreshing quality of pinot gris wines, and come with hints of floral flavors that balance out the bitter hops. Looking for something to snack on with your Pilsner? Try semi-soft to firm cow’s and sheep’s milk cheeses—think Gruyere, Muenster, and aged cheddar. It also pairs well with white meats.

If You Like Sangiovese or Shiraz…

You’re after a fruity, earthy wine that highlights cherry or dark chocolate. For beer, opt for the chocolaty, dark European-style Dunkel lagers. These malty, rich beers go best with beef, pork, and poultry. If you’d rather sip on one with cheese, strong flavorful picks, like Stilton, cheddar, and Camembert?, are a good bet.

If You Like French Pinot Noir or Burgundy…

Opt for an American-style IPA. You prefer wine with a bit of an acidic taste, which is similar to the hoppy, bitter bite of an IPA. IPAs pair best with nutty cheeses, such as Gouda, and porkchops or ham.

If You Like American Red Zinfandel…

You’re a fan of light, fruity flavors, with a smoky aftertaste. German-style Bock lagers come with strong, malted tastes, and are rich in flavor, much like your favorite wine. Sip on a German-style Bock with dark meat poultry and lean red meat. You can also nibble on strong cheeses with Bocks, similar to the cheddar or Camembert you’d pair with a Shiraz or Sangiovese.

If You Like Pinot Grigio…

Look for a smooth, creamy American wheat ale, which will portray a light, refreshing flavor, that will remind you of the pear, apple, and even citrus taste of your favorite wine. American wheats pair well with chicken and turkey breasts and soft cow and goat cheeses.

If You Like Tawny Ports…

You like sweet dessert wine with rich, woody flavors. When it comes to beer, look for a porter or stout ale with a roasted taste, much like the mellow nutty ones you look for in your wines. Porters and stouts go best with dessert—think chocolate cake, chocolate truffles, and salted caramel ice cream. They’re the perfect beer to finish off a meal.


By: Abigail Wise

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