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Why Wine Gift Boxes Are Clearly Better Than Wine Gift Baskets


Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of a gift basket. But have you ever heard of a wine gift box? It’s a specialty gift package offered by ONEHOPE, and it’s far superior to the overrated and often over-priced gift basket alternatives. In fact, we think that wine gift boxes are the perfect way to send good thoughts to just about anyone. Check it out.



It’s so simple to send flowers. A fruit basket is a staple in gift giving. These are great options, but, they’ve all been done before. A wine gift box is unique and not likely to be a gift that has been received by the recipient before. That makes receiving a wine gift box unique. And, by extension, memorable. Of course, that means that you will be memorable and unique for sending it, too.


Gift baskets tend to revolve around items that go into and out of season. While modern shipping practices mean that most flowers and fruits can be acquired year round, they may not be as satisfying when they’re not in season. Under-ripened fruit or flowers unsuitable for the climate to which they’re being delivered means an underwhelming gift experience. With a wine gift box, your gift is always in season and at its best. Wine is enjoyed year round meaning that, no matter what variety you send, it can be enjoyed immediately or allowed to sit and wait for the perfect time.


Wine gift boxes from ONEHOPE are available in a variety of themed choices. Everything from celebrating a first home, a birthday, or gay pride, there’s a box for it. ONEHOPE wine boxes also offer options for pet lovers, with pet themed treats and additions like pet toys to round out the gift. Each box is unique and shows that a lot of thought was put into the gift. Other popular choices include:

Wine & Grind- pairing coffee and wine to aid in education about Heart Disease

Heart Warmer- pairing glitter pinot noir with a toffee and a candle to benefit Heart Disease Prevention

Birthday Babe- pairing sparkling wine with cake shaped cookies and confetti to fight against childhood hunger.


Gift baskets can get quite expensive. With prices topping out close to or even above $200, many people aren’t able to send them without breaking the bank. ONEHOPE wine boxes are different. With an entry price of just $49 and nothing exceeding $119, giving the gift of wine is not only distinctive, it’s affordable.


While a wine gift box is a consumable gift, meaning that it won’t last forever, a wine box gift from ONEHOPE does offer a unique perk that never expires. As with all ONEHOPE wine purchases, a portion of the sales from the wine gift box will be donated back to a charity. Through donations to worthwhile organizations, a purchase of a ONEHOPE wine gift box could help feed a hungry child, provide clean drinking water to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it, plant a tree, or help an animal find an adoptive family.


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