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Wine for Every Occasion!

Matching wine with occasion is as important as matching wine with food.  Selection of wine must be done keeping in mind the weather, time of the day and what mood would the wine drinkers be in. For example, a quite summer evening will call for a different wine than a happening winter barbeque with friends. Here are a few wine suggestions for your possible upcoming occasions:

After a long day at work: If you are looking for a relaxed evening alone after a long day at work, go for a light white wine. It will relax you and take your mind off the hectic day.

Casual weekend dinner with friends:  On the weekend night, you can try a nice red wine like Merlot or Pinot Noir or a Cab Merlot blend to take the load off the entire week. This will relax you and take the pressure off. For people who do not like reds, a nice sweet Moscato can be a good option as well.

A grand celebration: Best friend’s bachelor party or birthday calls for a grand celebration. For this, wine too has to be equally grand. Pop open a bottle of champagne for this kind of occasion. To make things even more special, order a Laurent Perrier LP Brut. I bet everyone would thank you.

Date with your loved one: A Rose` or a lovely red wine is perfect for this occasion. Sit back and soak yourself in love with these.

Sunday brunch: This calls for a light and young wine with low alcohol levels. Here, you can go for an Italian Prosecco, a Verdejo or a French Beaujolais. These make for fabulous afternoon drinking choices.


By: JustWines

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