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Wine Etiquette Tips to Master Your First Wine Experience


Etiquette is the customary code of polite behaviour followed in the society. These etiquettes are ways one can avoid embarrassment or awkward situations during social gatherings. Drinking wine is common in any social gatherings or while meeting with friends and sharing quality time with family. These etiquettes help an individual to handle oneself with confidence in such gatherings.

If you are new to the world of wines or are about to taste a wine for the first time, it’s important to keep the following wine etiquettes in mind.

If you are a first timer, do research a bit about the different varieties of wines- so that you can order your favourite variety with confidence and need not regret later on. If you are unsure which wine to try, better ask your server to help you. Better ask than be sorry.


Hold the glass from its stem or base-as wines need to be tasted at a proper temperature and holding the glass from its bowl may affect the temperature of its content.


While making a toast, gently clink the glass from its belly. This will reduce the chances of any breakage or spillage of wine.


Slowly twirl the glass to have a sniff of its aromas before drinking. Swirling the glass releases the subtle flavours and aromas of the wine, allowing it time to oxidize.


Hold the bottle towards its base to pour wine into a glass without dripping it.


Make sure to fill your glass half way or less than half way to give your wine room to breathe, as some wines taste better after exposure to air before serving or drinking.


Drink from the same position of your glass to ensure minimum mouth marks on the glass.


In case you are the one who needs to make a toast and have to open the wine bottle yourself. Do it swiftly like a pro.


Before refilling your own glass, always offer or ask others. This helps in making good impression on your colleagues and friends.

There can never be a definite time when one can or can’t have a glass of wine. Every day can be a Wine day. But how one handles oneself in large gatherings or among colleagues and friends, ultimately reflects the real personality and behaviour of that individual.

“Wine makes every meal an occasion,

Every table more elegant, every day more civilized.”- Andre Simon

This becomes a reality when one has knowledge of the necessary etiquettes needed while indulging with wines.

So drink your wine wisely and leave the rest to the wine!


By: Just Wines

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