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What Your Valentine’s Day Wine Selection Says about What you’re looking for in a Relationship


Valentine’s Day, the one day out of the entire year where even if you happen to be more a fan of another type of booze, more than likely you’ll be ordering or picking up a bottle of wine for the evening. And whether you’re spending the evening with someone you’ve been with for years, or it’s a potential partner you’re just getting to know, your choice in wine sends a subliminal message about where you’d like to see the relationship head. So let the wine do the talking for you…

Bordeaux, Brunello, Rioja, California Cabernet

You’re looking for a hot and heavy romance and are in it for the long haul. These big, bold wines are some of the most age worthy around, and placing one of them on the table makes a strong statement: you came to impress and intend to continue to do so for years to come.

Burgundy, Barolo, Barbaresco, Blaufränkisch, Oregon Pinot Noir

You see this relationship lasting for years, as these wines often get better with age, and what you love about the relationship is how unexplainable it can be. Attraction to these wines can be like an obsession for most drinkers; you can’t explain what makes them so good and thought provoking, you just know you want more.


You like what you like and don’t play games. Even though this wine sometimes gets a bad rap, and your friends tell you not to order it, you go for it anyway, and are always pleased. You know it’s important to trust your own tastes, both in relationships and in wine.


We all love a fun fling now and again, and rosé, with its seasonal appeal, is that type of wine. We can’t wait to get our hands on it in the warmer months, drinking it outside on the beach or on a roof under the stars, but as the months begin to turn cold, we move on…yet we never forget those special months with that delicious wine.

Champagne, Prosecco, Cava

Relationships can come out of nowhere, even when you least expect them, and quickly turn into a glamorous romance. Whether your date tonight will be that romance, or simply a bubbly and fun good time, ordering Champagne says you’re up for seeing where the night takes you.

Sauvignon Blanc

You’re looking for something with a little zip tonight. It’s been a long winter and the aromas of this wine evoke spring in a glass, signaling you’re ready for anything the coming season might hatch.


The best relationships are when you feel like you’re with your best friend, someone that knows you well, is dependable and always satisfies. Malbec is easy to please, yet it can surprise you, in the same way a great relationship can.

Port, Cognac, Sherry

How quickly can we make it to your bedroom?


By: Adam Teeter

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