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What to Drink with an Omelette (Or Frittata)


There aren’t many wine pairings that form the subject of a book title but Elizabeth David’s Omelette and a Glass of Wine immortalised the combination. Unlike other egg dishes wine actually does go pretty well with omelettes but should it be red or white?

David herself expressed a preference for an Alsace ‘Traminer’ or a glass of Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé. I’m not sure I’d fancy the former (a bit too lush and aromatic) but the latter would certainly go with a light omelette fines herbes, an asparagus omelette or one with seafood or goats cheese – as would other crisp dry whites like Chablis and Italian dry whites like Soave and Gavi di Gavi.

With other kinds of cheese omelettes I’d go for an Alsace Pinot Blanc or a lighter style of Chardonnay like a Mâcon-Villages.

Sparkling wines like Cava – and, of course, Champagne – are always a popular choice with eggs. Blanc de Blancs or other all-Chardonnay fizz seems to work best.

Reds come into play if you have a more robust filling such as mushrooms or bacon – or even chorizo. A young Rhône red or Rioja – nothing too fancy – would do the trick.

Belgian-style witbier or a bière Blanche is a great match with lighter omelettes too.


 By Fiona Beckett

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