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What Is Sommelier?


  • The popularity of “wine culture” among growing broad sectors of the population has led to the expansion of a wine accessories market -corkscrew, thermometers, containers…- The variety helps to improve consumer experience, and are an interesting testing ground for entrepreneurs and inventors all around the world.
  • This applies to the sommelier, a “smart” decanter that accelerates the decanting process in a customized way for each wine. Developed by an innovative team of wine experts, designers and manufacturers, this unique device is produced by famine, a multinational group with branched companies in USA, France, Australia and China, and to complete the user experience it features online services such as famine wine cloud, an online store and an App for smartphone and tablets, available for both iOS and Android.
  • The sommelier itself has full control via your smart device, an information panel showing the name of the selected wine, the vintage and the progress of decantation, touch panel that allows to calibrate the oxygenation process to suit your palate and save your favorite settings for later use.
  • It works by aerating wine with a constant flow of 90% oxygen, which significantly increases the efficiency of decanting both in time and quality. Also, it avoids exposing the wine to external agents such as dust or substances that may be present in the air, and to nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • The custom designed glass decanter infuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine, unlike traditional decanters, which make it only through its surface. This full oxygenation is rounds out and softens the tannins, providing a smoother mouthfeel.



By: Marta Burgués, Uvinum