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Wedding Wine: Which wines work best?

So, you decided to make your own wedding wine. You’ve cleared it with your venue and are ready to get started. The next question is: how much wedding wine do you need and which wines would be the best choice?

Keep in mind that you are only really expected to serve wine with dinner. Your guests will most likely prefer a pre- or post- dinner cocktail from the bar. For dinner then, the rule of thumb is 2 glasses or about ½ bottle of wine per guest. For a table of 8, 4 bottles of wine should be sufficient.

Red or white?

Select an uncomplicated red or white that pairs well with any food types. You can’t meet all of your guests tastes nor pair exactly to what you are serving, so selecting a wine that is a bit lighter in fare is safe.

A nice Chardonnay or Pinto Grigio will satisfy any white wine drinker while Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinot Noir will keep red wine drinkers happy. Since craft wine making is done in batches of 28-30 bottles, it’s easy enough to craft 4-5 different types of wine and scatter them on the tables for variety.

Having a choice or red and white on the table is a good idea. Ask the barkeep to hold a stash of wine at the bar for the table of white or red wine only drinkers. Some guests however, are quite resilient and happy to trade between tables.

You know your guests and their preferences best.  And while there are sommeliers who can recommend either a red or a white depending on the meal you are serving  most guests are not that selective and are happy to drink what ever is being served.

Remember, your guests are at your wedding to enjoy themselves and celebrate your commitment to each other – not comment on the wine.