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Want To Be A Sommelier? Don’t Miss These Online Courses!


If you are travelling in other countries, and you want to learn to be a sommelier or maybe get more knowledge about the world of wine, we recommend some classroom and online courses, where you can become a wine connoisseur in an easy, quick and comfortable way. You can already take note!

The National wine school

They perform several Professional Certification Programs in the world of wine. Always online, the available training is varied, with sommelier certifications. For example, the Master Sommelier was born in 1969, and contains several programs with four levels of examinations.

International Sommelier Guild

It is one of the most interesting and complete, offering a specialized degree in wine selling, wine distribution, managing, etc. Just sign up and follow their guidelines.

Master Sommelier

With this Master, you will obtain specific expertise in restaurant managing, account managing of a wine brand, wine director for a retailer, restaurant or hotel.

Sommelier courses

The University of California announces a new sommelier course within the Specialized Studies Program at the UC Irvine Extension. It comes from the wine boom in this country, the region and around the world, and helps understanding how the wines are called, becoming familiar with the most famous grapes in the world, how to read a wine list with confidence and experience, understanding the labels of domestic wines, etc.

Sommelier Society of America Courses

Headquartered in New York City, this program will prepare you to get a sommelier certificate, and is performed for along 21 weeks.

Sommelier courses

The United States Sommelier Association announces a range of several days courses to get certificates, do internships, etc. with which you will discover novelties about the passion for the world of wine.


By Marta Burgués, Uvinum