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Top Places in Alentejo for Wine and Food Tasting


When thinking about Alentejo, people usually picture large golden fields and white small houses with blue wooden windows, and maybe a small castle on a hill with its beautiful secluded or windy beaches. It is all true, but there is more to Alentejo than the landscape. There is also the flavor! In fact, despite its golden dry-looking plains, Alentejo is a big fertile region and a paradise for foodies and wine enthusiasts.


The food in Alentejo is not the most elegant or sophisticated, it is like the region and its people: unpretentious, simple and delicious, with ingredients such as black pork, cheese, olives and rich-tasting olive oil, smoked meat and wild mushrooms. Often called “peasant” food, Alentejo food is strongly based on the product and its cuisine pay homage to the field workers who use to lab our in the farms and large estates.

If you are interested in enjoying these typical flavors from Alentejo and taste the best wines of the region, check the best wine and food tours in Alentejo:

Herdade dos Grous

At Herdade dos Grous you can have a really complete taste of Alentejo food and wine, with a sophisticated mixture of the award-winning wines of the estate with a truly traditional meal in the company of the Herdade dos Grous Chef at the estate’s wine cellar and with a careful selection of the wine list.


João Portugal Ramos

In Adega Vila Santa, part of the group João Portugal Ramos, you can visit the large vineyards and taste some of the most renowned Portuguese wines, finishing your visit with a traditional meal prepared just for you, where regional products such as meats, sausages and cheese find their perfect pairing withJoão Portugal Ramos wines.


Monte da Ravasqueira

Monte da Ravasqueira is one of the most famous wine producers in Alentejo. Here you will have the opportunity not only to visit the vineyards, winery and wine cellar, while tasting some of the best wines of Alentejo, but also to enjoy a picnic or a meal consisting of the best flavors of the Alentejo region.


Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is a famous wine boutique hotel in Alentejo, with a both traditional and sophisticated wine cellar where you can have different wine tastings while you enjoy the typical flavors from Alentejo with assorted country sausages and cheese.



By Wine Tourism in Portugal