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Top 5 wine terms you need to know


If you’re new to the world of wine, or you just want to learn more about your favorite beverage, then you’ll want to make sure you check out the articles we found for you this week. When you’re discussing wine among wine connoisseurs, it’s important to know the correct terms for various aspects of the wine so you can all be on the same page in the discussion. These articles will give you some great information on common wine terms that you’ll want to use when talking about wine and when trying to decide what kind of wine to order. For instance, if you’re waiter asks whether or not you want a full bodied wine, you’ll want to know what full bodied means so you can determine if that’s correct for your meal. Get the low down on this and other terms from the articles mentioned below.

#1: Body

One of the most used terms in describing wine is body. In this article posted on, you’ll get the information you need to order your next glass or bottle of wine intelligently. Body refers to the way the wine feels in your mouth. In addition, the body is determined by the amount of alcohol in the wine. This article will give you all the details on light body, medium body and full body wines, and what each one means and the types of wines that typically fall into each category.  Read the full article here.

#2: Minerality

While the term minerality is a hotly contested one, this article by Jamie Goode for attempts to at least give an idea of what wine experts are talking about when they use this description for a wine. Jamie went to several wine tasting experts and go their take on the term’s meaning. While no one seems to agree, they all do agree on what the term doesn’t mean. For a bit of fun confusion, and a bit of amusing enlightenment, read the full article here.


#3: Corked

While some people might think this term refers to a wine bottle that has a cork, or in some circles to a person who has had too much wine, you may be surprised to find out its true meaning. In this article posted on, you’ll find out what the term corked, corky or corkiness means and how to use it in a sentence. In addition, you’ll learn what to do if your wine is corked and whether or not you can salvage it.  Read the full article here.

#4: Vintage

Some people might think the term vintage has an obvious definition, but you might not be correct about that. In this article posted on, we are told the correct meaning for the term vintage, and how the vintage of your wine can affect the taste. There’s a lot of regulations around vintage and you’ll find out about how you can use this information in picking your next bottle of wine when you read the full article here.

#5: Terroir

For a term that seems over used today, terroir is not always understood and that’s why wine expert Madeline Puckette wrote this article for The article explains in detail what the term terroir refers to and how each element of the meaning affects wine and how that translates into how it tastes. You’ll want to read the full article here to really understand, but once you do, you’ll be able to converse with any wine lover.


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