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Top 5 wine regions worldwide


#1: Spain

Higher elevation and overall cooler temperatures causing the wine grapes to mature slowly, is only one of the reasons the wines coming out of Spain are doing so well according to this article posted on The article is very informative and goes into detail on the various wines and types of flavors you can expect from all of the various wine regions in Spain. From the Mediterranean coast to the Ebro River Valley and all of the other wonderful wine areas in Spain, you’re bound to find selections in every option that will suit your taste. Get all the great information when you read the full article here.

#2: France

Best known for their Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux, France is also known for their even wider variety of wines styles and tastes according to this article posted on France not only makes the greatest quantity of wine, but they also producer one of the broadest selections in many different wine categories. The fact that wine is so prevalent and so well produced in France shouldn’t be too much of a surprise because wine has been a major part of French culture forever. This article is filled with a lot of information and you’ll want to learn all about the French wines by reading the entire article here.

#3: Italy

If you’ve ever wanted a great history lesson on Italian wines, then you’re going to love this article posted on In addition to some fascinating historical and cultural information, you’ll also get a whole plethora of information on the various Italian wine regions and the different types of wine each region produces, as well as information on the flavors and varieties of nuance you can expect from each area. You’ll probably want to run right out and get a few bottles after reading the full article here.

#4: Argentina

This article posted on gives us a broad base of information about Argentinian wine growing regions and about the wine making industry in Argentina. There’s also several videos on this page that go into even more detail about the area and their award winning wines. The country itself has just about every possible type of terrain and environment you can imagine from glaciers to arid deserts, but their prime wine growing areas are in wide valleys far from the large cities. You’ll definitely want to bone up on your Argentina wine knowledge by reading the full article here.

#5: United States

While you’re probably familiar with the Napa Valley wine district, you may not know that wine is produced in all fifty states to one degree or another, but the top four producers are California, Washington, Oregon and New York according to this article posted on Those four states create 95% of the wines coming from the United States. This article gives you a great perspective on both the history of wine making in the United States as well as a look at the types of wines you’ll find in the U.S., though to a lesser degree. You’ll want to read all about the fascinating journey of wine making in the U.S. when you read the full article here


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