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Top 5 creative ways to display your wine


#1: Enclose Your Collection

Rachel writing for gives us an amazing selection of wonderful ways to display your wine, but our favorite is this gorgeous enclosed option. The photograph shows us a unique clear glass enclosure that allows for all the temperature and humidity controls you want if you’re a real connoisseur of fine wines, but also allows the wine to be beautifully displayed while not appearing to take a great amount of room. Check out exactly how you can create this fabulous idea in your home by reading the full article here.

#2: Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Using reclaimed wood for all kinds of household projects has become very popular for a myriad of reasons. From the economical choice because reclaimed wood is often less expensive than new wood, to the ecological choice because reusing well-loved wood is much kinder to the environment, to the nostalgic feeling we have knowing our latest piece made from reclaimed wood has its own special history, there’s no end to the great reasons for using reclaimed lumber. In this article by they show us several options for using reclaimed wood to create your next stunning wine rack. There are so many lovely choices, that you might just decide you want to incorporate them all. For all the details and fabulous photographs, read the entire article here.

#3: Wave Wine Rack

If you love wine and are looking for a unique way to display your favorite bottles, but you don’t have a lot of space, then you’ll love this article by Justin Kelchak for In it, he gives us details on this incredible wine rack that, when your bottles are displayed, resembles the curl of a wave. Whether you’re a surfer, or just enjoy the waves, this stunning wine rack will create a feeling of the ocean while displaying your favorite bottles of wine. For the details, read the full article here.

#4: Wine Nooks

When it comes to creative ways to display your wine collection, you might want to consider the popular wine nook. In this fabulous article by Peggy Pardo for, she shows us several fabulous versions of the wine nook. From creating a space at the end of your kitchen island, to making the space under your stair well really work for you, to a brand new way to use that little wall space between two rooms, she has a lot of great ideas for making your wine nook not only functional, but fabulous looking. See all the photographs and get all of her tips and hints by reading the full article here.


#5: Mounted Racks – a Wine Wall

Author Cathy Gordon, writing for, takes us on a tour of an amazing home. Our favorite feature of this home though, is the ceiling to floor wine walls located in the wine pantry. Gorgeously displayed and each bottle easily identifiable makes this unique wine wall a great idea in our book. To checkout this awesome idea, read the full article here


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