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Tips to pair cheese and wine


Why does cheese go well with wine? We love cheese because it offers lots of flavor. There are many different kinds of cheese, and each one offers numerous tastes on the palate which can be paired perfectly with wine. Want to know how to pair cheese and wine? Here are some tips. Choose well and enjoy!


Some cheeses, whether they are more tender or fatty, can go better with white or stronger red wines. The truth is that it depends on several factors, including texture, level of acidity or creaminess. Initially, we recommend trying some cheese alone and then combined with a wine. Thus, we will check if the wine detracts flavour from the cheese or instead maximizes it.

– Brie cheeses

The French brie cheeses are usually creamy and smooth. They go better withChardonnay grape wines to enhance this creaminess and make them irresistible.

– Parmesan

The famous Italian parmesan cheese goes well with red wines, but it really does best with Italian Chianti, the popular Tuscan wine, in its rosé or red varieties.

– Blue cheeses

Powerful, hard, salty and sharp. Blue cheeses are strong on the palate. Therefore, the ones of this type, such as Gorgonzola, go well with a Port wine, while regular blue cheese can be combined with a Riesling wine.

– Feta cheese

This cheese is typical from Greece and Italy, and now everywhere, but is more traditional of some Mediterranean countries. We find them in salads and pasta. The wine that can pair this cheese is a French Beaujolais.

– Strong cheeses

Other cheeses, without being blue, provide to the palate a somewhat stronger flavour, something between salty and sharp. Among these are the cheddar, which combines with a rich Cabernet Sauvignon; gouda, better with a Merlot; or Gruyère, suitable for drinking it with a Sauvignon Blanc, among other reds.