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Tips for Planning Wine Tours in Portugal


Portugal is a great wine destinations, full of wine tours you can indulge in with peaceful views and unique experiences. Below are useful tips to help planning your visits to Portuguese wineries and vineyards. So read on and make the most of your time drinking wine in Portugal.

Learn about the Portuguese wine regions

In order to better plan your wine tour in Portugal, first we advise you to learn more about the bestPortuguese wine regions and make your own itinerary. Investigate a little about the types of wines produced in each wine region and make a decision knowing what you will get. If you are in Porto maybe it is easier to book visits to Porto wine cellars, but if you are looking for a wine tasting in the vineyards maybe you will find wine tastings in Douro or wine tours in Alentejo better. Feel free to ask for our help!

Guided wine tasting tours or on your own

Next you have to decide whether you want to book a wine tour with a professional guide or if you just want to relax and learn more about the wines at the site with the producer.

Book your tasting tours in advance

Portugal wineries are famous worldwide and tend to be filled up fast, mostly in the summer or fall when the harvesting takes place and wine tourism peaks. So if you want to make sure you will have the chance to visit that particular vineyard or winery in Portugal, make sure to book your wine tour in advance and you don’t have to worry again.

Wine tours with children

Maybe you are wondering how it is possible to make a wine tasting tour with kids but we can guarantee you that it is not only possible, but also enjoyable. Many wineries and wine estates in Portugal have activities for children which take place outdoors. Some even have animals such as dogs, horses or goats for your children to play or be entertained with and other activities such as cooking workshops, bird watching and jeep tours.

Luxury wine tours or harvesting with the locals

One of the good things about Portugal is that there is a wide range of offers when it comes to wine tastings and tours. You can taste the finest Portuguese wines paired with the best chocolate, jam or cheese made in Portugal or you can just get your gloves on and take part in the harvest. Our advice is: do both!

We hope this tips will be useful for planning your wine vacations. Plan in advanced and enjoy your wine tours in Portugal.


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