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The Teabag Method: the new way to chill wine in 3 minutes


Being able to chill a glass of wine quickly is the wine-equivalent to building a better mousetrap. My partner doesn’t understand why this is important – thinking, ‘what kind of person is so desperate for a glass of wine they can’t wait 60 minutes!’ Answer – EVERYONE!

My usual go-to method has been whacking a bottle of wine in the freezer. Yes this can be relatively quick, but it’s not as quick as our new method. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve frozen the forgotten wine because I was side-tracked by the gin and tonic I had while waiting!

Wait no more – because The Wine Wankers have invented the Tea Bag Method!


The Teabag Method #chillwinequickly

But before we explain, let’s look at man’s previous attempts to chill wine quickly

Frozen Grape Method (con – the grapes can add an unwanted flavour once they defrost in your wine)

Ziploc Bag Method (Pro: brilliantly quick. Con: too much fussing around with ingredients and props)

Ice + Salt + Water in Bucket Method (con – no one has that much ice in their freezer, plus it still takes 10 minutes)

The Wet Towel and Freeze Method (con – the wet towel acts as an insulation device, so it takes longer than simply whacking it in the freezer)

Add Ice Cubes To Your Wine Method (con – waters down your wine – and no one wants that)

Introducing The Wine Wankers Tea Bag Method

Step 1 – fill your wine glass half full of ice so you only use the right amount of cubes

Step 2 – pour the ice cubes into a small plastic bag

Step 3 – fill your wine glass to the very top with room temperature wine

Step 4 – leave it for 3 minutes – giving it the occasional tea bag dunk to mix the wine

Step 5 – remove the bag, clean it and re-use it for another time (I hate single use plastic – and so should you!)

Step 6 – your wine will now be chilled to perfection. Cheers!


By: Drew

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