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An A-Z Glossary of Wine Type Pronunciation

Picture this… Your host offers you a choice of wines. You really want to try the Amontillado but stick with the Beaujolais because you aren’t sure how to say Ah-mone-tee-Yah-doe. Inter Wine (a UK wine lovers website, that’s just great) to the rescue. They have compiled, THE A-Z guide to pronunciation of wines from around the world. … Continue reading An A-Z Glossary of Wine Type Pronunciation

Contest Rules/Conditions Winemaking Experience

THE WINE BUTLER 2007 INC WINEMAKING CONTEST These Contest Rules are available at the offices of Wine Butler 2007 Inc, 100 Bridgeland Avenue, Toronto , Ontario, M6R1E7 Participation by Internet is limited to one entry per person per email address during this contest period ELIGIBILITY:  This Contest commences on June 1, 2012 at 12:00:00 p.m. … Continue reading Contest Rules/Conditions Winemaking Experience