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Strawberry Moscato Wine Spritzer


Strawberry moscato wine spritzer is a leisurely sipping cocktail, perfect for your summer happy hour. As a wine spritzers lover, I had to share this refreshing recipe. Have fun, and customize it as you please. Use your favourite wine, add juice, soda citrus based and experiment with different fruits. The recipe below is the original one shared by Sharon, What The Fork-Food Blog.

Preparation Time: 3 mins
Recipe Type: Cocktail


½ C Moscato Wine

½ C 7Up soda

4 Strawberries, cut in half

Ice, for serving


Add wine and soda to a glass, stir to combine.

Add strawberries and top with ice.

Sip and enjoy!


To make this for a crowd, use a 750 ml bottle of wine and 3 cups of soda. Add strawberries and ice to each individual glass.