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Sommeliers Are Your Friend

Sommeliers want to help you choose your next wine. In fact, their job is to take the guess work of selecting wines.

According to this Reuter’s article, when dining, sommeliers WANT you to ask for help in selecting interesting wines that are still affordable.

Lorie O’Sullivan sommelier for TOCA at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto (pictured here) says she loves it when someone asks for a wine within a certain price range. “Honestly, it’s one of my favourite challenges,” she explains. Reviewing wines listed from the Bin Ends page of the wine list, where restaurants list their one-off bottles is another way to taste new wines at affordable prices.

Your sommelier might be able to suggest a wine to pair with the dishes you will be served. And here’s the trick, they can probably match a wine for both you and your dinner partner, even if you are eating completely different entrees.

Joseph Burton one of Australia’s top sommeliers suggests that while there is a vast difference in a wine that costs $5.00 and one that is 10 times higher, there is less difference between a wine that will cost $50 and a bottle of $500 wine. Paying more doesn’t necessarily mean getting better.

Bottom line? When it comes to choosing wine, consult with your trusty sommelier – they want to be your friend.

The Wine Butler would like to remind all it’s customers, to always drink responsibly