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How to remove red wine stains


You showed up to the event flawless. Shirt, blouse, dress, starched collar and after a few social glasses of wine, it happens. Your initial response is to jerk away from the long stemmed glass. This knee-jerk reaction would only work had the glass not been perfectly tilted in a fashion towards your face, lips and ultimately our bodice where the fabric of your flawless attire is a fair game to becoming a casualty of wine. If the party ended here it must have been a sad event to begin with. You’re no participant of a sad affair so raise your glass once more for a beautiful toast and celebrate. If and when the wine misses your lip, and lands – take these next steps quickly and resist the tale tell sign that a really good time was had:

Dab stain with a paper towel – do not wipe.

Wet a separate paper towel with water, and dab the area again.

Add a solution or solvent to the process.


There are many solutions available to incorporate, I’ll start with the DIY tricks and work our way into OTC stain removers.

Try salt. The idea is that the grains are able to act as an oxidizing agent, imposing on fabric where the stain resides. However, there is a caveat to using this method, depending on the type of material your garment is made from, the drying affect of salt may damage it. DIY solutions are not perfect but are often our first line of defense so if salt isn’t for your tastes try club soda. The carbonated water fizz will also act as oxidizing lifting up the not-yet sedentary wine stain.

If either of these solutions work entirely – you are ready to go another round of swirling and sipping but in more cases than not, there is more work needing to be done to prevent a long-term wine scar on your favorite garment. It’s time to look in the aisle. Most grocery stores and home improvement stores will have some type of resolution in stock. You’ll want to look for these in particular:

  • Wine Away Spray – absorbs excess wine when applied. Use a clean cloth to remove any residue. This product is the real deal as it has proven to be immediately effective on fresh and dried red wine stains on clothes, carpet and furniture upholstery.
  • Carbona Stain Devin #8 (also known as Dr. Beckman Stain Devil No. 8) – gently removes tough stains in 3 minutes while caring for your clothes.
  • Vanish Oxi-Action Non-Chlorine Bleach – Dissolve a scoop into a basin full of warm water and soak the garment thoroughly. You would consider this solution for larger stained items like a table cloth or cloth dinner napkins.

A round of wine between family friends has outlined many legendary tales of great moments of the past. Regardless of how attire appropriate your ancestors may have been, none had the capacity to remain as clean as you without sipping tried and true stain removal knowledge. Now that you are in the know, raise your glass, sip socially and join the ranks.


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