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Red Wine Brownies Are Here To Make Life Worth Living


We’ve spent many nights with a glass of wine in one hand and chocolate in the other. Which is why we had to try out the red wine hot chocolate trend. But, if that’s not your thing, we can’t blame you. So here is another chocolate-wine match option, and it involves fudgey, wine-infused brownies. 

Because at the end of the day, red wine and chocolate give us life — and melding the two together now seems so obvious that we’re wondering what took the internet so long. So thank you, Country Living, the publication that brought our attention to one blogger’s delicious take on the trend. Meet the red wine brownie.

Now this is a combination we can really get behind. Blogger A Cookie Named Desire (we see what you did there) has a pretty kick-ass, easy-to-whip-up-at-home recipe for us to follow. Pure culinary poetry. We do suggest pouring an extra with your brownies though, since sadly most of the alcohol probably bakes off in the oven.



By: Elizabeth Buston