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Wine, for when in London

London16-1 offers many different kinds of bars, pubs and restaurants. In London you can find good places to drink some good wine. If you’re travelling to London and would like to know where you can have a good glass of wine, here is a list of places to check:


Strongly popular, we can find wines from French, Italian and Spanish appellations. In addition, there are held tastings and other events.

Cork & Bottle

It is located in an entertainment and theatres area in London, which is usually filled with tourists tasting wines before or after the plays. Good selection of wines and food.

Fortnums 1707

In the very same Piccadilly, they have an excellent wine selection at good prices and have a store to buy them. They close fairly late, to drink wine when you feel like it.

Troubadour Wines

It brings together a wine shop and bar with restaurant included. As for the wines, there are from several countries, such as Argentina, Italy and France.

Willy’s Wine Bar

If you want fine “fish and chips”, this is the place you should go. And it is watered with wines from its list, both white and red. Something that British customers like a lot lately.

Bar Pepito

 It is one of the most renowned Spanish bars in London. It is Andalusian theme, so you can deduce that “tapas” are his forte. To drink, of course, sherry wines and from other Spanish regions.

Sager + Wilde

It is the place for a good snack accompanied by fine wines. Sausages and meats, cheeses, bread and diversity of wines from several countries.


Recommendations by Marta Burgues (Uvinum’s blog)