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Perfect Pairings: Charcuterie, Cheese, and Chocolate


Charcuterie, cheese, and chocolate are indulgent treats for your taste buds that pair wonderfully with The Glenlivet.

With a delightful balance of sweet, salt, and fat, charcuterie, cheese, and chocolate provide an excellent match for the wonderful flavors of The Glenlivet. Get a new perspective on these cherished indulgences with the rich and complex character of The Glenlivet’s expansive portfolio. There are manifold expressions of The Glenlivet, essentially one for every flavor and pairing, whether it’s balancing the fat and spice of chorizo with light and fruity citrus notes, or showcasing the rich cocoa of a fine dark chocolate bar. Sharing many of the same qualities that make charcuteries, cheese, and chocolate such luxurious and sophisticated tasting experiences, The Glenlivet might surprise you.


Charcuterie goes great with “chewy” whiskies, like one of the Glenlivet’s three Nàdurra selections, which are not chilled filtered and as a result have more texture and mouth feel. The fatty acids of these whiskies and the oily quality of the meat create a magnificent balance and a flavorful experience. Complement the fatty ribbons and salty flavor of traditional charcuterie, like salami and prosciutto, with the richness of the Nàdurra First Fill Selection, or try pairing the Nàdurra Oloroso Matured, which has been matured exclusively in sherry oak casks from Spain’s Jerez region, with Spanish cured meats, like chorizo or morcilla sausage, similar to Scottish black pudding.


Cheese plates often come paired with dried fruits, preserves, and nuts. Likewise, the raisin, orange marmalade, and nutty notes you’ll discover throughout The Glenlivet range make it an excellent accompaniment to well-crafted cheese plates. Choose a selection of tangy cheese, like pecorino, as well as nuts and dried figs. Try pecans and a sheep’s milk cheese with The Glenlivet 15 Year French Oak Reserve. This complex whisky is rich on the nose and filled with aromas of orange peel and candied grapefruit, which make it a nice match for the creaminess of the cheese. The palate is very round, smooth, and slightly sweet, giving way to lingering hints of toasted almonds and hazelnuts.


Chocolate pairs deliciously with whisky; the trick is looking for dark and bittersweet bars with a cocoa content of 70 percent or higher instead of milk chocolate. The matching of chocolate and whisky provides a great interplay of acidity and alkalinity. The higher the cocoa content the more luxurious the feel of the chocolate which complements the richness of The Glenlivet. In some of The Glenlivet’s most exemplary bottles, like The Glenlivet XXV, you’ll even discover dark chocolate notes. Likewise, the spicy and complex Nàdurra Oloroso Matured has hints of rich dark chocolate on the palate and spicy orange marmalade which add depth to its smooth creaminess.


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