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Perfect Occasions for Wine Gifts

It might seem a bit impossible to compile a list of perfect occasions for wine gifts. However, there are a few occasions that are especially ideal that you might not have thought of.

Valentine’s Day – You have the flowers and the box of chocolates, so why not add wine gifts to that mix? Red wine goes marvelously with chocolates and a set of beautifully crafted wine glasses would round out the occasion perfectly. It always seems to be more difficult for a woman to choose a Valentine’s gift for her guy, but it’s a pretty sure bet that wine would go over pretty well.

Housewarming – There are a couple wine gifts that would be perfect for any couple setting up a household. Items such as wine glasses, a corkscrew, and a wine decanter would make excellent wine gifts for them. A nice bottle of wine would also be a great appreciation gift for a real estate agent to present to their clients who just bought a home.

Any holiday, event, or special occasion can be made better with wine gifts. We have a wide selection of wines and accessories at Cabo Winery in Concord, North Carolina that would make excellent wine gifts, and our thoughtful and caring staff would be glad to help you choose the perfect one. Plan some extra time for sampling our wine selection so you can get yourself a bottle of wine as well.


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