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Our Very Best Summer Wine Cocktails

8-0,  0On drinking in the summer heat:

Avoid the heavy, boozy feeling
with super-light drinks

A classic summer drink should be light and refreshing–and appropriately boozy,– so that when you accidentally slurp it down, you’ll still feel great. This is why we’re so attracted to wine cocktails that are light on sweetness. These 4 wine cocktails have won the hearts of many, and they will make drinking in the sun a delight!

Summer cocktails should be light and crazy refreshing.

4 Well-Loved Summer Wine Cocktails


Moscato Strawberry Basil Lemonade

This drink takes a little bit of blending to make perfectly, so use your smoothie maker. Take all the ingredients (minus the Moscato) and blend, then strain into a glass, then top with ice and pour over Moscato. It tastes best served with a straw, preferably with your shoes off.


White Port and Tonic

The classic summer spritzer in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia (in Portugal!) is a simple 1-to-1 ratio of tonic and White Port. It’s delicious and profoundly simple to fashion.


Encourage hydration with a glass of water–or sparkling water, – alongside every drink.


4-Ingredient Sangria

Don’t ever buy premade Sangria again. This 4-ingredient recipe is so easy, you’ll be shocked with how awesome it tastes. It’s lighter than other top Sangria recipes because it only uses wine. Moderate how sweet it is yourself.


G.G. Fizz

Ginger-addicts finally have a wine-cocktail that stands up to a Moscow Mule. The fresh ginger gives it a lovely kick and the Gewürztraminer wine adds aromas of perfume and roses… in short, it’s outstanding.


By Madeline Puckette 
I’m a certified wine geek with a passion for meeting people, travel, and delicious food. You often find me crawling around dank cellars or frolicking through vineyards. Find her at@WineFolly

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