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New Wine Glass Attaches Straight To The Bottle So You Can Get Happy Faster.


Wouldn’t you like to sip on a glass of wine that feels like it takes forever to finish? Well now you can, thanks to the Guzzle Buddy, a quirky invention that is bound to make your friends envious. Plus, it makes a great addition to your cupboard. The best part is that you don’t have to keep pouring more wine into your glass or asking someone to pass the bottle across the dinner table. This is just so much easier and it’s guaranteed to awaken the dormant alcoholic in all of you. All joking aside though, just remember to drink responsibly no matter how tempting it may get.

The Guzzle Buddy is a wine lover’s ultimate BFF.

You can actually chug down a whole bottle of wine on your own without worrying about people judging you because they’ll be too busy being mesmerized and feeling envious over this nifty little invention.


You don’t have to be a genius to use the Guzzle Buddy.

It looks like a hybrid between a bottle stopper and a wine glass and it’s so easy to use. You simply attach it to the wine of your choice, Pinot Grigio comes to mind, and chug every last drop.


It looks a lot classier than just chugging wine straight from the bottle.

The best part is that it’s designed to make a drinker more comfortable when hitting the sauce and helps you avoid unnecessary spillage… unless you’re on your fifth bottle and are experiencing an earthquake which only you can feel.


Pouring wine is so yesterday so leave that behind and embrace this clever tool.

It takes wine drinking to the 21st century. So you simply have to order one for yourself if you love collecting novelty stuff or you want to get on someone’s good grace this Christmas.


The Guzzle Buddy has grown in popularity. So don’t get left behind.

It’s just every self-respecting semi-alchie adult’s dream, right? Plus they’d make a great house warming gift, anniversary gift, or even a great addition to your wedding.


If you already love the Guzzle Buddy, you’ll love the price even more.

You can get it on Amazon for just $14.99. That’s not a bad price to attach this cool wine glass to a wine bottle’s spout and sip the day or night away.


Any wine lover will enjoy turning their dull wine bottle into an XL wine glass.

It’s fun, unique, humorous and best of all, if anyone asks how much have you had to drink, you can say, just one glass, and not lie about it.



By: Camila Villafañe

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