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Making Your Own Wine: Fun, Cheaper & Educational

From time to time we stumble upon a really interesting article that we like to share with our fellow wine lovers…

Here’s an article close to our heart – ‘Making your own wine can be fun, educational by Chuck Buyers.

While we certainly knew about the fun part and of course making your own wine is less expensive, but educational?

Whether you are making wine from a kit or stompin’ on the grapes personally, when craft wine making,  you become familiar with the different types of grapes, how they are made and the countries where the grapes are grown.

And as you start sippin’ your own wine, the learning becomes endless:  pairing wine with food, cooking with wine, wine tasting parties, wine etiquette.

Fun. Educational. Less expensive than store bought wines.

Make your own wine – you can’t go wrong!

The Wine Butler would like to remind all it’s customers, to always drink responsibly.