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In love with wine bottles? Give them a second life!

5-1If you have empty bottles of wine, there are creative ways to reuse the bottle. Here are different projects you can do at you home.

Slow drip irrigator for plants

If you have spare empty wine bottles, a garden and a little free time, you can feed your plants by drilling a hole in the cork and keeping the bottle always full of water over the desired container.

Bird feeder

If you love birds and like to listen to them in the mornings, you can create a simple wooden base to place the wine bottle upside down with only a part of the cap in place and keep it always full of seeds. The birds always will visit your home.

A simple vase

If you have been given a flower and you have no place for it, you can fill the empty wine bottle that you like with water and place the flower in full view of everyone at home.

A delimiter for the garden

Create a trail in your garden can be an opportunity to add something original to your decor. Bury bottles upside down in the soil, leaving exposed a small part, will make the path created much more interesting than if you use simple stones.

Maintain the shape of your boots

For those who use high boots, prevent warping is a real concern. The most effective and affordable option is to insert a bottle in each boot. They will keep their shape and always will stand in your closet.

A board for messages written in chalk

dip your empty wine bottles in a pot with chalkboard paint and wait for them to dry. You will get the reward of having the bottles used as a blackboard and leave messages for the family members in a fun way.


If you have a tile drill or a friend to lend you one, you need only to make a small hole in the bottom of an empty wine bottle. Then you just have to insert a string of lights in the bottle and enjoy your new lamp.

Support for libraries

It is always desirable to maintain the order of the library. One option to avoid clutter your books as you read them is to place a wine bottle filled with sand between the books and the furniture.

To store whatever you want

If you don’t have many containers and have a transparent wine bottle, you can remove the label and place grains, dried foods or sweets inside.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Have others which can help recycling wine bottles?


By: Marta Burgués, Uvinum