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Learn The Trick to Clinking Wine Glasses


A session held by Riedel glassware made it clear that most people are clinking wine glasses wrong. Not that there is a ‘proper’ way to clink,  actually the book Debrett’s A–Z of Modern Manners recommends you simply raise your glass, because clinking glasses is improper etiquette… boring!

What’s the best technique for clinking wine glasses and why is there a wrong way?

·         Clinking Etiquette: Are You Kidding Me!?

If you’re already laughing at how ridiculous this is, imagine yourself holding a fine crystal glass filled with very expensive wine. Upon clinking, the rim of the glass shatters and the wine spills out with broken crystal glass everywhere. Egads!

The entire room looks at your mishap (in my case the entire room would be two kittens and a toy dinosaur) and remarks at how reckless you are. How embarrassing. Why not learn to clink wine glasses a better way that not only avoids breakage but also sounds awesome!


·Clinking Wine Glasses 101

The technique that the wine glass geeks at Riedel showed me was casually referred to as the “Bell to Bell” method. The idea is that you aim your wine glass bell (the big round part in the middle) to the bell of your clinking-buddy’s wine glass. Upon contact the glass lets out a long sustained “DING!” which causes everyone to look around to see who knows how to party.

  1. Find a clinking buddy
  2. Angle wine glass slightly so that the bells line up and the rim is away from your partner
  3. Clink wine glasses together and listen for sustained ring
  4. Find another clinking buddy


By Madeline Puckette, Winefolly