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How to Pick Impressive Wines on a Boxed Wine Budget


Cheap wine tastes cheap. No bones about it. But impressive and complex wine doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can gain a good deal of clout when you identify a great wine that pleases a crowd while being equally affordable. If you don’t know the difference between a Chardonnay and a Zinfandel, it might be time to call in the cavalry. It’s the time of year where dinner parties and gift exchanges abound, and all of that is made easier with a little knowledge that goes beyond a reliance on cheap boxed wine.

Before you hit the grocery store wine aisle, check out, Add a Card Linked Offer to your credit card and get $10 off your purchase of $80+ or $25 off your purchase of $150+*


Shopping for wine online can help whittle down your to-do list and take so much of the guesswork out of wine selection. Skip the part where you’re 15 minutes late for a party, standing in your favorite liquor store staring at their bottles of Malbec while goggling each bottle’s Wine Spectator point rating.

Instead, make one bulk order from, get exactly what you want, and save money in the process. Be confident in your wine selection!


To help make your choices, lists Wine Advocate scores, Wine Spectator point rating, and point ratings from International Wine Cellar. offers a few features that can help shoppers stay within budget while getting highly rated bottles that are also highly sharable. There are nearly 700 wines rated 90 or higher listed in’s $20 and below section. Sort by winery, percent savings, or just go for the top-rated in your budget.

And instead of going back and forth on your choices, use the live chat feature and ask the sommelier to help out. While you’re narrowing things down, browse the search criteria to see just how specific you can get with your needs. Looking for a gift for an earth-conscious friend who also loves wine? Browse the Green Wine section, which features products from vineyards and wineries that employ sustainable and/or organic practices.


As you’re planning your holiday gatherings, consider the fact that no matter how great your food is, running out of wine is paramount to burning the turkey (well, almost.) If you’re cooking a traditional meal, don’t forget the appropriate wine pairings. For appetizers, consider an assortment of cheeses and some bubbles to feel festive. Salad courses are ideally paired with crisp whites, and heartier courses tend to need a bolder wine. offers an entire curated list at multiple price points just for the holidays. This is where it may be helpful to use one’s card linked offers to save on your wine selection.

This holiday season, don’t plan your wine list from the grocery store aisle. Consider for excellent wines, perfectly matched to your menu, and within your budget.

*Note: Cffer not valid in Indiana, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, and Utah.


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