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How Much Light Is Bad Light When Storing Wine?


Here are some tips on proper lighting and the important ways it can effect a fine wine.

Do not expose your wine to excessive light.

Sunlight or other forms of bright light age the wine too soon, leaving you with poor quality tastings. Ideally, wine should be stored in a dark, cool environment. The dark glass bottles can protect the wine from the way UV rays negatively affect wine. Be extra careful when the wine is in clear or light glass bottles. The lighter glass allows for more intensive exposure to the UV light, leaving it more vulnerable to the heat. Overall, the darker the bottle and the room, the better.

Don’t allow natural sunlight in the cellar and be wary of the kind of lights you choose;

no fluorescent because they create the UV rays that are so dangerous for the wine. Too much exposure to light causes imbalance. It breaks down the chemicals and molecules that allow the wine to age so delicately. The aging process can be accelerated and cause the wine to taste no good when it’s time to crack open the bottle.

Light provides heat, which you want to avoid in your wine storage space.

If you put lights in your cellar or storage space, make sure that they are not so intense that they change the consistently cool temperatures. Store the wine no lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit and no higher than 68 degrees. Keep the constant temperatures by maintaining proper lighting that will not fluctuate.

So, back to the original question, how much light is bad light when storing wine? The answer is nearly any light, really. Sunlight, fluorescent light, UV light emitted from even refrigerators when storing white wines, are all bad for wine quality. Prevent any problems by staying aware of the lights you’re currently using or are about to use.

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By Vinfolio, blog