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Home wine cellar: the most common mistakes


The wine is a living element evolving continually, very delicate to preserve; it particularly requires sensitivity and awareness.

If you want to install a wine cellar in a villa home there are some considerations to keep in mind:

Choose a room facing north or, at most, to the northwest and on the ground floor, which is the cooler area.

Ensure that the walls are thick to keep the temperature as constant as possible and insulate the bottles from noise, odor, etc?

Note that the ideal soil is clay or sand.

Find a ventilated place without much light, if it is a small, windowless room is essential to install an extractor

If what you have is a flat, you should

Choose the most interior room with window to a sunless yard. It is important not to have too much heat or light.

Adjusting the space conditioning equipment regulating light and moisture and line with suitable insulating walls: polyurethane foam, fiberglass, etc.

The most common mistakes

The problem of space sometimes forced to adopt emergency solutions. Those solutions only get to spoil the wine. Most often you can find them on a corner of the garage, probably full of smells of gasoline and oil, plus of course the engine CO2 and thunderous noise and bustle.

The storage solutions are also often frequent. The lack of isolation and ventilation also contributes to spoil the wine. As for the kitchen closet, nothing more inappropriate: proximity to the vibrations of the refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher and heat from fires or furnace so negatively affect the wine that most likely is that , when we drink it , it will have become vinegar.

The custom of playing winemaker at home and have a cask is a game because a home cannot mimic the conditions that occur in real cellar. If you want to save the displeasure to see that after so careful treatment wine is only good to be thrown, you should keep a distance between you and the home barrels.


By: Lucas B.

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