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Here’s Your Drink Pairing For Your July Horoscope


Learn what to expect this month and what to drink to maximize your monthly destiny!



Enter High Priestess, stage left, deployed to watch over you, as she is carried on to the center stage of your life by buoyant Jupiter and love-soaked Venus. The road to success you are seeking will begin this month. You have a plan ready and it is time to put it into motion. But beware, dear Star Crab, because unfavorable Saturn is looming in your future and threatens to impede your success. Make the right decisions now so you can avoid a cosmic soul crash. Yes, you are at center stage this month with what feels like endless possibilities and avenues to achieve your monetary or professional goal. But you need a supporting cast to make your production complete. Bring friends and colleagues from the nose bleeds, down the aisles and onto your July stage under the spotlights. Share ideas and listen to criticism, taking it all in and forming a plan for your ultimate goal. This is only act one. Reward your cast members with a good box wine (yes, there are good box wines; just ask your wine merchant). Give the box wine center stage and share the space with your friends as you rehearse the future of your success.



O.K., Lion Heart, let’s get down to business — literally. July is all about your professional life. You have some work to do. Get ready to negotiate for the chance of a lifetime. Distant Pluto is being strengthened by confident Jupiter and the love-swell of Venus to give you an advantage over your competitors. And you will have some significant competitors. But you got this. Fortune is on your side, but don’t get caught by surprise by unseen dilemmas. Keep your concentration and let the power of Jupiter shield you from Neptune, your enemy on this month’s heavenly belt. Stay confident, keep calm, and you will seal the deal, which will, in turn, pour positive energy into your personal life. Get a one-up on your competitors at the next business dinner by ordering a Kir and telling the story that the creme de cassis topped with white wine cocktail was named after Felix Kir, mayor of Dijon, after the First World War as an offer of local economic products to visiting delegates. That’s boss.



Need some clarity? This is the month for you, dear Earth Sign. You are quite a grounded sign, and if you have been a bit frustrated with the hazy cosmic fog over your aura, Mercury will be aided by Venus to softly blow it away so the sun can shine through. In matters of love and marriage, the high priestess will shield you from Neptune’s negative energy, supported by the dark moon to give you the confidence you need to take that deep dive. This is a moth to take risks, risks that, if you don’t get too hung up on existential reasoning, will improve your current love life or result in finding that long-sought-after partner. Speaking of taking risks — get a little messy. I know that’s not your thing, but hey, this is your deep-dive month, and make a Honey Beer created by New York City mixologist Jill Dobias: a bit of ale and a bit of gin in a pint glass rimmed with salted honey that drips down the glass, forcing you to get down and dirty and live a little.



I hear ya, Libra. The struggle has been real. You have been dealing with some difficult decisions as of late but I am here to tell you that breathing room is on the way. You are an air sign and it’s time for you to fly. Those difficulties will not go away all at once, but the good news is that this month you have the support of almost the entire solar system, especially Venus, to carry you through. As circumstances unfold you will have the ability to dodge the negative mojo as long as you don’t take the easy way out. Stay honest, and don’t take any freebies that negatively positioned Mars wants to throw at you. Tell Mars you don’t need no scrub with a T.L.C. cocktail. Pour whiskeyCointreau, Ricard, Dubonnet, and bitters into a mixing glass half-filled with ice cubes. Stir well and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and a lemon twist. Then, sip and soar.



Choices, choices, choices. For you, dear Scorpio, July will be like a choose- your-own adventure novel. This may be hard for you because even though you are a water sign and fluid in some aspects of your life, Indiana Jones fears snakes as you do adventure. But don that fedora and get ready to strategize. It’s time to run through the heavenly belt with confidence like our whip-wielding hero with your patron planet Saturn at your side and Uranus on your six, fending off the urge to make rash and hurried decisions from negative energy from this month’s villainous Mars and Venus. You will have many choices to make in July, negotiating various courses of action. Just know that you not only have competitors but also partners. In the adventurous spirit of one of our great American heroes, grab a bottle of good old fashioned bourbon and get up the courage for the path ahead with a few shots before you embark.



No one likes to see “difficult” and “promising” in the same sentence, but there it is; your July will be both of those things. I didn’t put those words there — the stars did. I am just the messenger. But as your messenger, I am here to tell you that it’s a good thing. You have all the tools and skills you need to achieve you goals this month, dear Archer. See, the thing is, you have a lot to gain in July, but none of it will be gotten easy. You will have to fight for what you want. You were built for this and just know that all the hard work you are about to put in will result in some serious positivity. Don’t think too much about how hard you have to work for the dark moon is looming and in a negative position in the next few weeks, waiting to pounce and drench you in bad mojo. Stay focused and love and business goals will come out on top. July is work hard play hard but only play hard after the hard work is done and reward yourself with a good bottle of Reposado (rested) Tequila. You can sip soft, aged agave spirit from Jalisco after a hard day’s work, or bring some friends by and line up a few shots, cheersing the universe for your well-earned fortune.



Hey, Cappy! You do you, boo! That’s right, this month is when the cosmos lets you be yourself. All the planets are aligned for your success. Just a few things to take into account. Try not to take on too much and try not to take on anything too new. You already have a lot on your plate and you get to deal with those items as you see fit with relative success. If you take on too much in July, just be sure to look over your shoulder at the dark moon every once in a while as it is no longer in the positive position it was in last month when it was your guiding patron. You have positioned yourself so that you will be in high demand this month personally and professionally, so have fun with that. It’s your world, boo, we’re just living in it. Celebrate your high profile this month with a high-profile wine in the form of a grand cru Burgundy. They are a bit expensive, but you can afford it and the bright cherry fruit and chewy earthiness will satisfy your successful soul.



Have you been swaying around in a blissful yet melancholy funk like Morrissey singing, “Please, please, please let me, let me, let me, let me get what I want this time”? Well, unlike Morrissey who enjoys his funk, you are about to get lifted. The sun is shining in just enough solar light to bask your celestial helpers, Mercury and Saturn, in cosmic good fortune. You will get what you want in July and you may even be in for a major turning point in your life. Your homework for this month is to accept yourself for who you are and let the good vibes flow. You may even realize you have been wrong about something for many years and this realization will free your soul and allow you to move on. But our Smiths frontman also says, “Good time for a change see, the luck I’ve had can make a good man turn bad.” Beware of negatively positioned Mars who is going to want to throw ambiguous situations at you. Speaking of flow, stay positive with the bright and dry ginjo-shu sake. Nice and chilled, this is a refreshing and slightly chewy beverage to keep you clear-headed and ready to win.



Love is in the air! Or Friendship. Or something, jeez! I am feeling and seeing a lot of unity in the stars for you this month, Pisces. With the combined efforts of Venus and Jupiter in July, you will see the end of a difficult situation and come out on top or at least unscathed. And when you are least expecting it, boom! You will run into unity. And this is a seriously strong connection you are about to make. In a good way, that is. Soul mate? New BFF? Something emotional and comfy is coming. For this to happen, you need to set your priorities right and true. If not, Mercury strengthened with bad vibes by the dark moon will throw you off course and you may miss your chance. So brace yourself while being true to yourself and this will be one galactic whopper of a second month of summer for you. To prepare for your unity, get all you need for an intimate meat-and-cheese plate spread and get a bottle or three of low- alcohol frothy and slightly sweet Lambrusco. This bubbly red from Italy is perfect for lighter fare and cuts through the fat of protein. Sip and munch with your newfound unity at sunset.



Aries, this month you have Venus and the sun on speed dial. And with many of the planets in retrograde this month, you’re gonna need it. You are going to have a positive month and Venus and the Sun together will be your shield of Themyscira. But unlike Wonder Woman, you are not a superhero. Alas, you are human, but July will make you feel like one. You will have many opportunities to further your business and personal life in the coming weeks and will have the urge to take it all on at once. The goal here is to strategize, prioritize and conquer. Stay focused with a crisp Assyrtiko from the land that inspired the Wonder Woman universe, Greece. This mineral-driven island wine from Santorini will keep you clearheaded and focused for the possibilities ahead.



This month you are like a lake at dawn: calm, cool, and undisturbed. The dark moon is aligned with your sign in July and you will gain more of what you had hoped for more of in the past. A beautiful swan may land on your quiet waters, bringing love into your life, or if you are already in love, that swan is a symbol of your monogamous pair bond strengthening. Nothing in particular will take priority this month and allow you to take your time making the right decisions for the near future. Be creative this month but take the more conservative approach so as not to be overwhelmed and skew your mojo with the negatively aligned Pluto hiding behind the Earth’s satellite. Speaking of harmony, treat yourself to a Picpoul de Pinet from the tranquil Mediterranean town of Pinet in southern France. This refreshing white wine is dry and round with a little bit of weight. You are a lake. Be a lake. Lake you.



One of my favorite Wiz Khalifa collabs is with Arizona-based Berner. And on their best song yet, “OT,” Wiz spits, “Money so long can’t roll it up.” That will be you this month, dear Gemini. Your patron planet Mercury is getting nice with Venus and Uranus to bring you a month of unbridled profitability. The key to your success in July is to envision what you want, see it in your mind, and focus on it. There will be outlying competitors in the wings as Mars and Jupiter plot against you in the periphery, so act calmly and confidently and your plans will unfold in a dignified manner as you reap the monetary rewards. Back in February when money was a bit tight, I had recommended a non-vintage Champagne. Well, now that you can relate to Wiz singing, “Bigger check cuz I’m the bigger star.” Go ahead and get yourself a vintage Champagne and gather with your tightest crew. Vintage Champers are more expensive but you can afford it. Let the bubbs flow and dollars show.

By: Keith Beavers

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