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Grenache wine


  • Grenache, the dubbed “Grenache” Spain, is a versatile red wine grape. This hardy red grape is very popular in the Southern Rhone Valley, bottled as the famous Chateauneuf du Pape. Producing lighter hued red wines and light rosés to rich, deeply concentrated reds, complex, spicy, peppery aromas, savory, meaty notes and high alcohol levels.
  • Grenache is thought to have originated in the arid and historic northern Spanish region of Aragón and Priorat.
  • More often than not Grenache is presented as a blend both in the Southern Rhone as well as in New World regions, like Paso Robles, where a decent bit of dirt is dedicated to this gregarious grape. GSM (for Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre) is the shorthand for the most popular blend. The goal of the blend is to offer a wine that is better than its individual grape components, relying on the strengths of certain grapes to support and complement underlying weaknesses in others. In the case of GSM, Grenache offers spicy red berry aromas and flavors, Syrah brings added color and tannin to the blend, while Mouvedre also contributes deep, intense color and exceptional tannins along with delicious savory aromas and meaty character.

Grenache Flavor Profile: 

This grape runs from light to full-bodied and tends to be quite fruity with strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blackberry and black currants taking the stage. Secondary characteristics include a signature spicy note, often manifesting itself in the form of black pepper, smoke and even herbaceous notes.

Grenache Food Pairing: 

As a natural pairing partner for roasted meats and barbecued fare, the spicy, smoky character of Grenache offers a tasty complement to grilled lamb, braised beef, hearty sausage stews and duck.

Grenache Producers to Try: 

Austin Hope, Bodegas Ateca, Domaine de Marcoux, Espelt, Guigal, Las Rocas, Paul Autard, Peter-Lehman, Stolpman Vineyards


By Stacy Slinkard, Wine-About Food