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How a glass of wine makes you better looking (according to science)


Forget that new lipstick. Sipping on a glass of wine could make you more attractive—seriously!

  • New research links alcohol to attractiveness in a way that has nothing to do with beer goggles. The study showed that small amounts of wine may actually make you better looking to other people, even if they haven’t had a sip to drink.
  • Researchers from the University of Bristol showed participants photos of men and women. Each person was photographed three times: while sober, after consuming 250 ml of wine, and after downing 500 ml. The results showed that the pictures of people who had consumed a single glass of wine received higher ratings than the pictures of completely sober people.
  • However, drinking too much can quickly make you appear less attractive. While the photographs of people who had consumed 250 ml of wine received the highest marks, participants rated those who consumed 500 ml as less attractive. The standard glass of wine contains about 150 ml, according to the CDC, so drinking a very large glass—250 ml—will up your attractiveness level. Anything over that may turn admirers away.
  • The study authors have a few ideas about why wine may make us more physically appealing to our peers.
  • They suggest that when you see someone with light facial flushing brought on by alcohol, it subconsciously registers as a sign of happiness and health. The researchers also believe that low doses of alcohol may help relax tense muscles and improve your mood, making you appear happier and more attractive. We’ll clink our glass to that!


By Abigail Wise

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