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Give wine barrels a great second life


Wine barrels aren’t only useful to wineries. You can breathe new life into old wine barrels and use them as decorative elements like furniture. Yes, you read well. Following this link, you can find more creative ideas to decorate your home with wine.

Use barrels as ice buckets

Once the barrel has fulfilled its original function, cut it in half and fill it with ice. For example, you can put a beer keg in the Centre and enjoy cold drinks at your party the whole night long.

As a treasure chest

Whether you cut a small window inside or leave it as it is – you can use the wine barrel to store all kinds of things giving your room a neat and original touch. Especially your wine loving friends will love it.

As a lamp

Another way to recycle these barrels is transforming them into lamps. Just drill holes in the barrel and introduce a light bulb inside. As a result, you’ll get a beautiful garden lamp illuminating your garden or your terrace.

As a vintage table

In this case, we take advantage of the barrel’s round shape. Just cut it in half and there you go. Put a glass on top of it, paint it as you like – some individual arrangements will give your new table a personal touch.

As a bar table

Because of its height, weight and width, you can use the barrel as a support for nearly anything. Just put a larger round board on top. Congratulations, you just built yourself a wonderful bar table!

As shelves

For handy persons: Cut the barrel in half vertically. Then you can either connect them through chains, ropes or whatever comes to your mind. Finally, you put your new shelve either into a corner or hang them on the wall.


By: Luis Bobadilla

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