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Find That Special Wine for Valentine’s Day


There is no better drink to get in the mood with your loved one than wine – for a romantic dinner, getting cozy by the fireplace or sipping while relaxing in a bubble bath.  For those special occasions like Valentine’s Day, you definitely want a perfect wine to make your night that much more special and memorable.

Use this helpful “Aromas and Flavors Guide” and chart your Valentine’s Day wine exploration today!

Aromas and Flavors

These aromas and flavors are common to some varieties.  You can use the guide to get started, but you will discover new combinations and delightful surprises as you try varieties from around the world.  What are you in the mood for?

Sauvignon Blanc:

grapefruit, citrus, fresh cut grass, apple


peach, vanilla, apricot, melon


citrus, apple, pear, melon, vanilla, oak, buttery aromas

Pinot Noir:

cherry, raspberry, coffee, spice, leather

Gamay (Beaujolais):

strawberry, violet, cranberry, spices, rose


red fruit (raspberry, red plum, red currants), herbal

Cabernet Sauvignon:

black fruit (blackberry, black plum, black currant), spices, leather, tobacco, licorice, mint, cedar


black fruit, leather, tobacco, spice


black fruit, spices, prunes, pepper


red and black fruit, pepper, cherry


red and black fruit, smoke, vanilla, pepper, coffee


By Sophie

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