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Favorite Food Wine Pairings


We all know the traditional wine pairings – red wine with red meat, white wine with chicken and fish – but put into practice, it’s not always easy to choose the perfect wine for your meal. We decided to make it easy for you and put together some of our favorite food and wine pairings, all of which you can cook at home.


Don’t let the name intimidate you, this steak house classic can be cooked in your own kitchen. Add a side of your favorite veggies and some mashed potatoes for a complete meal. You should pair this with full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.


Fancy looking, but very easy to cook, Italian marinated chicken smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce is begging to be paired with wine. Our favorite part: most recipes say this dish only takes 30 minutes to cook. Add a bottle of Pinot Grigio or for something different try it with a California Sparkling Wine. Use some of the wine in your mushroom sauce to add an extra layer of flavor.


We love a good stew, we love it even more when it’s paired with Merlot. Best of all, stews keep well in the fridge and reheat in minutes; it’s perfect for those of us that take a few days to drink a full bottle of wine.


Curry, a long time popular dish because of its availability and affordability, also pairs well with wine. When you’re eating curry, you usually want to stay away from high tannin and high alcohol wines. If you have a mild or creamy curry a Chardonnay or a Chardonnay blend is often a perfect choice. If your curry is richer, feel free to try it with a fruity red- Merlots and Roses often work great.


Slow-Roasted Pork Tenderloin, dry rub seasoning, mushrooms, veggies… do we have your attention? If not, add a glass of jammy Zinfandel and we surely do!

There you have it, our favorite food and wine pairings that you can do in your own kitchen. If you have some of your own, let us know on Facebook. Excuse us, we have to go… we’re hungry.


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