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What Drinks Pair Well with Stuffed Pork chop?


I had never made a stuffed pork chop before trying these Pecan Stuffed Pork Chops and I must say I’m sold! Juices from the stuffing seep into the pork and vice versa in the most delicious way. But what drinks pair with it? Read on to find out.

  • Wine Suggestion

This particular pork chop recipe calls for pecans and apple, making it an ideal pairing for an Alsatian Riesling. Consider the 2007 Lucien Albrecht Reserve Riesling for a delicious start.

If you prefer a red wine pork chop pairing, then a fruit-forward Merlot or Pinot Noir would both handle the variety of flavors put forth in this recipe? To shake things up a bit and break out of the “red wine/white wine” box, consider an amontillado Sherry for its pairing versatility and ability to complement the pork, pecan and apple components of this dish.

  • Cocktails Suggestion

According to What to Drink with What You Eat, both pecans and pork pair nicely with whiskey, and it is sound advice. For this particular recipe, I recommend simple whiskey cocktails because there is so much going on in the main course. Try a Fancy Whiskey with its touch of orange or the classic Manhattan. The apple in the pork chop also alludes to the enhancement of this flavor with a cocktail such as the popular Washington Apple.

  • Beer Suggestion

For this delicious, stuffed pork chop I suggest a Dunkel Weisse. The dark wheat beer works with this recipe in many ways and the pairing of the two lifts both drink and dish to new levels.

The heavy ale blends very nicely with the earthy flavors of the pecans and pork. At the same time, the sweetness of the beer compliments the apples and onions while bringing up the sharpness of the cayenne. The soft mouthfeel of the beer washes the mouth without entirely cleansing it; setting one up perfectly for the next bite.



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