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Does the wine glass really affect the taste of the wine?

In our mind, this discussion never ends. And while we would agree that having a variety of wine glasses particularly red and wine is a good idea extending it burgundy glasses, cabarnet, shiraz or even a pinot glass – well we aren’t so sure. But it appears that we might be overruled on this question.

Crystal glassmaker Baccarat has introduced a new red wine glass shaped roughly like a closed tulip blossom reported the Toronto Sun.

“The glass has a broad base that evokes the tastevin, a saucer-like cup used by winemakers and sommeliers to taste wines, sloping sides and a unusually narrow lip at the end of a vertical ‘chimney’ that the company says prevents the alcohol from overpowering other aromas since it sinks down when the glass is swirled prior to tasting”.

According to the Hong Kong-based distributor for Riedel Crystal, different glasses are required for different wine varietals because the specific DNA and the shape of the glass create a very different experience for the consumer. Having the right glass is part of the proper handling of fine wine.

Does the glass enhance the taste of the wine – or is it really a matter of your own personal taste buds as reported Gary Pickering and John Hayes in their report published in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture?

We do agree with the wine glass makers on one thing. A glass of wine does taste better in a lovely wine glass — just like coffee tastes better in a mug than in a paper cup!

The Wine Butler would like to remind all it’s customers, to always drink responsibly.