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Do We Prefer Wines with more or Less Alcohol Content?


  • Tastes are changing and what was once the rage now seems to be not so. And in terms of wines it’s the same. The latest studies by the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL) and the Basque Culinary Center (Spain), give surprising results on some aspects of wine consumption.
  • To produce wines that have commercial success, many winemakers take into account the needs and preferences of consumers. And above all they value when it comes to wines of more or less alcohol content.
  • To find out if we like more or less powerful wines, the investigations performed by the organizations previously mentioned made a selective tasting wine of eight different wines grouped in pairs. The difference between them laid in alcohol content, since each pair of wines had the same grapes and acidity.
  • The research concluded that those participants who did the tasting were far more interested in wines that had less alcohol content. Thus, according to these data, from two wines from the same grape, consumers prefer the softer or that with lower alcohol content.
  • The heads for the investigation say that wines with lower alcohol content induce anincreased brain attention. They also suggest that consumers may focus more on key issues such as the wine aromas and flavors, if they choose wines with less alcohol. Therefore consumers experience more pleasure with those wines that offer a lower alcohol content.
  • All this means that companies may have special attention to these experiments to provide more attractive wines from the functional and commercial point of view. And producing companies value increasingly the neuronal marketing, which is directly related to the tastes of consumers.


By: Marta Burgués

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