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DIY Christmas Party Decorating Ideas


Decorate your home for your holiday party with these DIYs!

The holiday season is upon us and it time to get ready for the amazing holiday parties you will be hosting! If you are in need of some clever decorating and entertaining ideas that you can DIY look no further these 10 ideas will give a festive flair to your Christmas party.

DIY Party Favor Boxes. Design Dining and Diapers

  1. DIY Party Favor Boxes

Send everyone home after the party with a small Favor that you can store inside these cute dotted mini Favor boxes with Christmas themed gift tags. To make your own pick up the free box and label template from Design Dining and Diapersand follow the step-by-step instructions included on the site.

DIY Snowy Tree Wine Stoppers. Oh So Beautiful Paper

  1. DIY Snowy Tree Wine Stoppers

Decorate your bar cart for your Christmas party by replacing the corks and bottle tops with these festive DIY winter tree bottle stoppers. The tutorial can be found at Oh So Beautiful Paper.

DIY Jingle Bells Cocktail Stir Sticks. The Proper Pinwheel

  1. DIY Jingle Bells Cocktail Stir Sticks

Any drink you serve at your holiday party can easily seem more festive by adding in a cocktail stir stick with decorative jingle bells as shown by The Proper Pinwheel.

DIY Christmas Ornament Pinatas. Studio DIY

  1. DIY Christmas Ornament Pinatas

Keep your guests entertained by making your own Christmas ornament pinatas that guests can take turns hitting until the candy falls out. Make your own custom pinatas is easier than you might think, as it is mainly made out of cardboard and tinsel garlands. To learn how to make your own visit Studio DIY.

DIY Candy Cane Cupcake Wrappers. Two Zero One

  1. DIY Candy Cane Cupcake Wrappers

The holidays are all about including in sweet treats, so why not package your homemade cupcakes to look extra festive by making your own candy cane cupcake wrappers. All you need to do is grab the template at Two Zero One, cut the wrappers out and tape them around the base of your cupcakes. Easy!

DIY Holiday Themed Wine Bottle Labels. Elli

  1. DIY Holiday Themed Wine Bottle Labels

The bottles of wine you serve at your holiday party can easily seem more festive by printing a copy of Elli’s Christmas themed wine bottle labels which you can print and stick onto your bottles of wine, turning each bottle into a festive themed drink.

DIY Christmas Themed Photo Props. Create Celebrate Explore

  1. DIY Christmas Themed Photo Props

These Christmas themed photo props designed by Create Celebrate Explore are sure to be a hit at your holiday party as everyone will want to take turns posing for photos holding the various props. To encourage the props to be used, consider setting up a festive background and leaving a box with the props beside the background.

DIY Hot Cocoa bar Signs. Amanda’s Parties to Go

  1. DIY Hot Cocoa bar Signs

Keep your guests feeling warm and cozy by setting up your own hot cocoa bar with various toppings and flavors of hot chocolate to try? To pull together the hot cocoa bar in your home print a set of the free hot cocoa bar signs available at Amanda’s Parties to Go.

DIY Decorative Cup Labels. Sweet Little Parties

  1. DIY Decorative Cup Labels

Plastic cup are hardly the most attractive option to serve drinks in, but when having a large party they are often a necessary. To help your plastic cups look nicer, create your own Christmas themed decorative cup labels using the free template by Sweet Little Parties.

DIY Christmas Crackers. Two Zero One

  1. DIY Christmas Crackers

Cracking open traditional Christmas crackers are a holiday party essential that you are sure to want to include this year. Instead of using the store bought version create your own using wrapping paper and a toilet paper roll to create the basic form and fill inside with confetti and your choice of surprise from small toys to mini bottles of alcohol. Learn how to make your own Christmas crackers using Two Zero One’s tutorial.


By Stephanie White

DIY Expert
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