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What Coffee You Should Order Based on What Kind of Wine You Like



Two of life’s greatest joys.

Selecting a wine is hard, but switching up your choice in coffee = even harder. Luckily now you can kill two birds with one stone, because recent research suggests that your preference in wine often determines the kind of coffee you will enjoy most. (No joke.)

We caught up with Ruth Hanson, coffee product developer at Green Mountain Coffee, to get your true match when it comes to your morning cup of Joe. (Or, in reverse, find your best wine based on your coffee preference.) Happy matchmaking.

  • if you like a velvety merlot, you should drink dark roast:

“Because you’re not afraid of bold, deep flavors, your palette can handle the strong character and smoky intensity of a dark roast coffee,” says Hanson.


Green Mountain Coffee’s French Roast. “It’s the perfect choice if you love Merlot or dark or even stout beers,” says Hanson.

  • If you like a complex pinot noir, you should drink a medium roast: “Your taste shows you enjoy the finer things in life and your taste buds love the complexity of exotic, berry tones, and zesty, bright flavors,” says Hanson.

Green Mountain Coffee’s Nantucket Blend. It’s great for those who enjoy Pinot Noir or even IPAs.

  • If you like sweet, fruity pinot Grigio, you should drink a light roast:

“Your palette appreciates classic, crisp flavors, so you’ll most likely love a vibrant, slightly sweet coffee,” says Hanson.


Green Mountain Coffee’s Breakfast Blend. “It’s perfect for white wine drinkers,” emphasizes Hanson.

  • if you like a flowery sauvignon Blanc or wider-bodied chardonnay, you should drink a medium roast:

“Your taste buds show you’re a fan of rich flavors that are not overpowering,” concludes Hanson.


The Founder’s blend which features “floral citrus, crisp apples and sweet caramel flavors” and the Organic Peru Cajamarca “with its smooth cocoa finish.”

  • if you like a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon or a bold Shiraz, you should drink a dark roast:

Fans of dark, bold flavors will go for the complex, deep, and intense vibes of a dark roast.


Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic® Extra Bold Coffee, which features espresso-like flavors, ideal with milk.



By Samantha Leal, Marie Claire