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Christmas Wine Glasses


Christmas only comes once a year, so bring out the special wine glasses for Christmas you’ve been storing all year. In case you don’t have any, here a few places where you can find the perfect holiday stemware that will look beautiful on your holiday dinner table.

Different Types of Christmas Wine Glasses

The varieties of wine glasses available that are Christmas themed are vast and range from the whimsical to the very fancy.

  • Painted wine glasses

These glasses are clear and have various Christmas themed paintings that adorn them such as Christmas trees, holly leaves, candy canes and snowmen.

  • Colored wine glasses

Colored wine glasses are offered in either less expensive colored glass or more expensive crystal.

  • Etched wine glasses

These glasses have etchings around the globe of the glass.

  • Stem less wine glasses

Stem less Christmas themed wine glasses come in deep, rich holiday reds and greens.

Where to Buy Christmas Wine Glasses

Here are a few places to begin your search for your holiday wine glasses.

  • Painted wine glasses

Pfaltzgraff – The gorgeous “Winterberry” collection would make a beautiful adornment for any Christmas table.

  • Spode

Spode offers their beautifully hand painted “Christmas Tree” wine glasses.

  • Wine Diva

Show off these fun “Lolita Mistletoe” wine glasses at your next holiday gathering.

  • Colored wine glasses

  • Mikasa

These ruby red wine glasses will look especially festive on your holiday table.

  • Artland

The “Cambria” wine set features beautiful jewel toned wine glasses.

  • Etched wine glasses

Bed, Bath and Beyond 

These “Snowflake” glasses are beautifully etched and elegant.

  • Wanelo

These wine glasses feature etched snowmen, one with his arms up in the air and the other with a hair dryer pointed at him.

Other Considerations


Types of wine

If you have been seeking out the perfect holiday wine glasses, but haven’t found anything that has caught your eye, consider purchasing a set of plain wine glasses and getting them etched with your monogram. Wine Enthusiast, Red Envelope and Riedel are among the many companies that offer monogrammed wine glasses. These wine glasses are beautiful, elegant and offer the perfect finishing touch to your stylish holiday place settings.

Specialty Glasses Need Special Care

Even if your holiday wine glasses claim that they are dishwasher safe, you should not put them in the dishwasher. The water in the dishwasher may be too hot for delicate wine glasses, causing them to crack or break and over time, dishwashers will scratch the surface of glassware and mar your beautiful holiday glasses. Instead, opt for washing your glasses by hand in warm, not hot, water and storing them away after the holiday season is over.

Final Tips

There aren’t any rules to choosing holiday stemware — rules only apply to caring for them. There is nothing that says you can’t serve your expensive wine in cheap wine glasses from your local “big box” store or your cheap wine in expensive glasses by Riedel. It really doesn’t matter because during the holidays it isn’t about the wine. The holidays are, of course, about spending time with friends, family and love ones. So relax if your wine holiday glasses don’t match or if you bought them at the dollar store… just pour the wine and enjoy!



By Sue Lynn Carty, Wine-LoveToKnow