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Need to Chill Wine In A Hurry?

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If you are like us, chilling  wine is the last thing on your mind when busy preparing for a dinner party.

Wine should never be served warm, even reds should be chilled ever so slightly.

Here’s a great way to chill wine in a hurry. It’s a simple technique borrowed from the old-fashioned ice-cream churn – using salt to reduce the melting point of ice.

Make a brine in an ice bucket by combining scoops of salt to a mixture of water and ice.

Submerge a bottle of wine in one quart water mixed with one cup of table salt and four quarts of ice. A bottle at 24C, typical of summertime room temperature, will reach a fridge-like temperature of 3.3C in 34 minutes.

Now that’s chillin’.

The Wine Butler would like to remind all it’s customers, to always drink responsibly.