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by wine butler

Great tasting craft-wine for a fraction the price!

Dear Winemaking And Ferment On Premise Stores,

  • Join Our Network Double Your Business
  • 100% Increase In Revenue In 2 Years
  • 80% Capacity. Everyday.

Double your business simply by getting in touch





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Why partner with us?

We have only one mission – to increase sales and profits to our partners by delivering affordable high-quality wine to their clients.

How do we do it? By using everything that’s available to us: Volume purchasing power, a website, a marketing team, a call center and corporate sales agents . All personalized to make sure your space does maximum business every day every week every month.

Top Quality Makeover
We will streamline your operation from top to bottom. Inventory control, process flow, . But don’t worry – your store may be fine as it is. We are ok with that too!
We transform your business to provide a memorable guest experience. Because when they’re happy, everyone’s happy.

Freedom from store. Independence. Let your business work for you and not other way around

Wine Butler partners with  winemaking stores for mutual benefit . We utilize our database of over 100 000 clients to generate referrals and new business for independent stores. Become part of our referral network, and benefit from our marketing/social media/service formula.

You maintain your own brand identity and unique operations backed by our marketing and technology. Most ferment on premise stores have 60-70% available  capacity and we can leverage this space for increased sales and profits.

Wine Butler takes responsibility of customer experience and considers all the requirements that the customer may have, such as setting up their initial appointment, easy scheduling, billing and follow up.

Focus on predictability

We maximize your time by filling your schedule week to week. How you want and when you want. Wine butler is focused on repeat business to maximize your success.

Use of Technology and Scale

Wine Butler is focused on making a user friendly mobile application. Users can book and pay for an order in several clicks. We minimize the use of labour via technology.

Have questions? Contact us at