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The best wine matches for turbot


Turbot is a luxurious fish you might well be serving over the holiday period, most probably roast or seared. But what sort of wine should you pair with it?

Personally I prefer a white to a red – a serious white burgundy like the Sylvain Loichet Les Gréchons Ladoix 1er Cru 2013 we had on Christmas Eve or an equally lush full-bodied white. It’s often served with a deeply savoury sauce, sometimes with mushrooms that suits a white with some bottle age.

  • Oaked white Rioja – consistently undervalued, rich savoury fish dishes like this are where white rioja comes into its own.
  • Top quality Douro whites
  • White Hermitage, white Châteauneuf-du-Pape or white Saint Joseph – depending on your budget (in other words a Roussanne or Marsanne or blend of the two). (Chateau Tahbilk in Victoria would also work.)
  • white Roussillon wines based on Grenache Gris and/or Grenache Blanc – or white Minervois as in this post
  • White burgundy or other serious chardonnay – particularly if you’re serving your turbot with a buttery sauce such as beurre blanc. That includes aged Grand Cru Chablis
  • aged dry white Bordeaux
  • good quality Soave
  • sake (I haven’t tried this I must confess but it strikes me it would work really well)

If you do want to drink red I’d suggest a mature red burgundy or other good quality pinot noir though there’s no reason why you shouldn’t drink a more robust red like a Bordeaux if the sauce includes red wine.



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